Workplace Distractions You Need to Watch Out




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Workplace Distractions – Procrastination is the greatest enemy of productivity, without any doubt. However, it stems from distraction, which is a bigger culprit. Focusing on work is too difficult when you do not have access to a perfectly comfortable working atmosphere. Workplace distraction is a rising issue in the developed countries like the United Arab Emirates.

The workplace distraction works like a snowball. It does not affect just a single person but all the people in the same room or office space. In addition to it, the distraction can stem from work, atmosphere, technology and organization. Exploring the sources of distraction is the first step towards their eradication.

Keep scrolling down this article and explore common workplace distractions you need to watch out for.

Top 8 Distractions in Workplace That Limit Productivity

A little break from the work routine is necessary to refresh and reenergize. However, if you cannot focus on work due to numerous things happening in your surroundings, you are distracted. Distractions do hurt not only productivity but also the quality of work. The workplaces that have more than thirty workers under the same roof face this challenge more than others.

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Here are the top distractions in the work setting that limit the productivity and creativity of the workers.

1. Talkative Colleagues

Suppose there are ten employees in an office. Three of them are talking loudly. If not all, at least four other employees will get distracted due to their discussion. Talkative colleagues can be termed as the worst distraction in the workplace, which wastes the time, effort and productivity of others. The coworking Dubai based rentals are providing a sound escape from talkative colleagues in the form of secluded work desks.

2. Office Noise

Office noise is the second most common distraction of the traditional working places. Office noise is often confused with talkative colleagues as it can emerge from their discussions; however, it is different. Office noise stems even from the work-related discussions and small talks. Having pin-drop silence in the workplace is crucial to avoid the littlest distraction.

3. Smart Phones

Smartphones have eased the life of human beings remarkably; however, they prove to be the greatest hurdle during work. Apart from using smartphones to call and exchange messages, people are addicted to the camera and other features supported by the device. On average, every individual checks his/her phone after every forty to fifty seconds, which is not an appreciable practice.

4. Social Media

Social media is another strong addiction in this modern age. Almost everyone uses at least three social media platforms on routine. Due to the fear of missing out, people keep checking their accounts and profiles, in addition to updating them to meet the trends. All of this takes a toll on their work by distracting them from other important tasks that need their utmost attention.

5. Emails

Emails are considered one of the most important parts of the work setting; however, they often create hurdles and distract the employees from their work. If you use email as the mode of communication in your workplace, the employees will feel anxious and keep checking them, again and again, to stay updated and not miss the details. So, it is better to use some other communication mode.

6. Meetings

Meetings are another necessary part of the workplace environment. However, at times they distract workers more than boosting their productivity, creativity and learning. If your workforce has to attend a meeting of thirty minutes every day, they will at least stay distracted for two hours, trying to prepare for it and then discussing it after attending it. So, limit the meetings to once a week to reduce the distraction.

7. Clutter

Cluttered workplaces or workstations are also among the worst distractions. Clutter negatively impacts the productivity and creativity of workers. They can get distracted in finding something important from the piles or just trying to organize the clutter. The coworking spaces are thriving nowadays because they offer clutter-free workstations.

8. Unnecessary Interactions

Lastly, the unnecessary interactions in the workplace prove to be one of the greatest distractions that pave the way for procrastination. If too many people are moving on the floor, sharing the greetings or concerns about routine matters, social issues etc., you will not be able to focus on work. You can opt for a remote working place by contacting the coworking Dubai based rentals and start working from a well-organized and furnished workplace.

Limit the distractions or change the workplace!   

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If you are working in an atmosphere full of distractions, you will earn a loss sooner or later. Therefore, it is crucial to fix these distractions to work efficiently. If you cannot limit the distractions, there is a better solution in the form of coworking places and the biggest benefits of coworking spaces. You can also explore the available facilities and start working from a perfectly managed coworking space that comes with basic amenities with no distraction to focus more on work rather than surroundings.

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