How to Organize a Successful Virtual Trade Show?




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Trade shows used to be a necessary component of the event industry of the United Arab Emirates until the last decade. However, the pandemic has put a halt to this specific type. The trade shows were a great opportunity for the industry leaders to showcase their products and services. On the other hand, they also provided better guidance, information and a little entertainment to consumers.

The absence of trade shows from the event scenes is causing issues for the industries and consumers equally. In order to serve the needs of both parties, the virtual trade show is a promising option. Organizing a virtual trade show will require proper planning and a virtual platform with access to some basic features.

Features to Include in Virtual Trade Shows


Including a variety of features in your virtual trade show event will boost the quality of experience of the attendees. You can consider the below-mentioned features and include any or all in your next virtual trade show event.

  • 3D designs
  • Customized booths
  • Events announcements
  • Live chat tools
  • Webinars
  • Ecommerce platform
  • Virtual games

Explore this article in detail to learn how you can organize a successful virtual trade show event.

Top 7 Tips to Make Your Virtual Trade Show Event Stand Out

The best thing about the modern era and technology is that it does not hold people back from progressing but provides new ways to excel in each and everything. The biggest example is the conversion of trade shows from physical to virtual setups. The virtual trade show events allow the exhibitors and the visitors to interact with each other through an online platform.


Here are the top tips you can follow to make your next virtual trade show stand out among other events.

1). Identify Objectives and Goals

The first and foremost tip to make any event stand out is to identify the objectives and goals of its organization. In the case of virtual trade shows, you need to be clear if you want to launch a new product or service or pursue lead generation. Both of these will become successful while targeting the audience in a personalized way. Professionals from experiential event agency Dubai come to the rescue of exhibitors and help them set realistic objectives and goals.

2). Develop Quality Content

The next tip for organizing an impressive virtual trade show is to develop quality content. Once you have event goals and objectives in front of you, you can narrow down your target audience. After getting a clear idea about your audience and attendees, you can develop content that holds value for them and will offer some benefit.

3). Pick the Right Platform

One of the most crucial elements to make your virtual trade show event successful and impressive is to pick the right platform. If your platform does not support the features or services you want to offer to your virtual attendees, you cannot achieve the event goals and objectives. So, pick your platform wisely and do not forget to test it to avoid last moment issues.

4). Get Exhibitors On Board

Another important aspect of organizing a virtual trade show that stands out is to get the exhibitors on board. You can contact the exhibitors that compliment your product or service or are linked to them. By getting them on board, you can provide a one-stop solution to your consumers, which will increase your success rate. So, do not waste time and get exhibitors on board.

5). Work on Your Marketing Plan

Marketing your virtual trade show to the target audience is one of the most important steps of organizing a successful event. You can use all the marketing channels like social media, email, electronic and other mediums of advertisement to ensure that the message has reached your target audience.

6). Ensure Proper Engagement

Ensuring proper engagement of the attendees in the event is crucial to win their favor. For that, you can implement services like live chats, webinars, as well as virtual games, which will not only keep the audience engaged but entertained. In addition to it, ensure proper assistance and guidance to make the most of the platform, so they do not feel left out.

7). Set Follow up Measurements

Lastly, setting follow-up measures of your virtual trade shows is crucial to make them stand out. It is also necessary to gather the feedback of virtual attendees and manage their purchases, if any. You can consult an experiential event agency in Dubai and ensure to implement and track proper follow-up measurements to provide a better experience to attendees.

Get professional support to increase your success rate!

The concept of the virtual trade show is new in the event industry. There are high chances that you will commit mistakes while organizing the event for the first few times. If you want to decrease the possibility of mistakes and organize an exemplary, successful virtual trade show, consulting the experts is the best option. So, get the professional on board from the initial stage and enjoy a successful organization.

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