Is Revenue Technology the Next Big Wave?




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RevSystems is the product of more than 15-years of data engineering, data science and machine learning fusion.

The founder of RevSystems, LLC is Matt McDonagh. Matt graduated from Fordham University after studying Economics & Business Administration. He worked as a data engineer during his undergrad years while playing lacrosse for the Fordham Men’s Lacrosse Team.

Working in Investment Banking on Wall Street for 5-years provided Matt a framework for financial modeling & analysis. After leaving Wall St, Matt launched a successful long/short equity hedge fund with 3 partners and a venture capital firm to find/fund/build passion projects.

One of these portfolio companies was sold to Mark Zuckerberg in 2017. This was the first technology company Matt had invested in. Closing this deal created an awareness to the operating margins available in Tech + the scalability of the revenue models and the existence of the “revenue stack” – technologies designed to optimize revenue effectiveness of companies.

“My world changed when I realized machines could make money” Matt McDonagh recently spoke at private event at 666 5th Ave.

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“Consider — machine learning models deployed and constantly scouring your realtime revenue engine data to provide up-to-the-penny forecasts for profit & loss?!”

RevSystems is a cloud-based system that Matt custom engineers and delivers to each client.

“They all have their own Master Data Model. Their own definition of deal/opportunity stages. A semantic layer exists that has to be folded into the revenue insight & forecast framework of RevSystems” Matt explains

The end result is less friction in the revenue engine. More awareness of leading indicators (number of demos, how many cold calls we connected last week, activity to new account opening ratios, and others).

RevSystems, LLC is the leading revenue performance software development company. RevSystems unleashes induced machine learning, python-driven exploratory data analysis, and sensor technologies to optimize revenue command and control capabilities.

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