International Buzz Around Vancouver Media Company’s Online Art Collection




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Metro Vancouver Media Company, ProPics Canada Media Ltd has been working on expanding business areas and pivoting during the Covid-19 pandemic. The newest addition to the company is the addition of an online store for consumers to purchase original framed art, canvas and metal prints, home decor items such as duvet covers, throw cushions, Fleece blankets and of course, Custom printed masks featuring original prints mostly of sights around the Lower Mainland.

Over the first 48 since launch, the site has seen over 1800 visitors from Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Romania and other overseas locations in addition to visitors from Beverly Hills, New York, Washington, Cambridge, Ann Arbor and Houston. This is prior to the marketing and online advertising campaign that will be launching soon.

Photographers and video production companies have suffered during the pandemic due to the loss of clients hiring for weddings, corporate events and other events. It has been essential for media companies to find new revenue streams and make the most out of the transition of shoppers going online. The current ProPics Canada Media Ltd project was placed on hold as a result of further restrictions and increases safety around the Covid virus. The documentary, Back 2 Business Canada shares stories of Canadian businesses, communities and individuals as to how the pandemic has impacted them along with inspirational stories of creative Canadian solutions and resilience.


The store launched with several hundred images but will increase the collections to include over 1000 images of amazing places throughout British Columbia, Yukon Territory and Alberta in coming days. ProPics Canada Media Ltd has a vast catalogue of over 150,000 images from National Parks, Wildlife, Nature, Wilderness and much more from all around the country that can be added over time. We are just excited and shocked at the amazing response to the store in the first 48 hours from around the world.

ProPics Canada Media Ltd invites people to visit the new online photo collections through the link at and click the link in the menu directory. We will get through this together and we must continue to be strong, safe and patient. We look forward to Canadian travellers being able to vacation domestically soon and welcoming back events, gatherings and international visitors in due time.

ProPics Canada Media Ltd is a proud member of:

  • Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce
  • Motion Picture Production Industry Association
  • Canadian Freelance Guild
  • Commercial Production Association of Western Canada
  • United Journalists and Photographers Association
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