The UK’s First Subscription Box for Aspiring Entrepreneurs




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Simply Start a Biz Box was founded by Rhianne Newton shortly after starting Simply Start a Biz a platform that helps budding entrepreneurs start up their own clothing brands online. Read her story how the idea started and how it’s going,

So how did this all come about? From a young age I have always wanted to start my own business, I never really wanted to work for anyone else apart from myself. I came up with my first business idea called ‘I Make you create’ and entered the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2014, I got to the semi-finals and decided I definitely wanted to go down the entrepreneurial route however I I needed to finish my studies and find a job first so that I could build my business.


Being a creative individual I wanted to be in a job that reflected this. I tried many different roles, such as working as a retail worker, inventory clerk, dog walker, receptionist, account manager, administrator, negotiator and much more. I went to university for a year and studied Business and Management, after the year I dropped out as again it wasn’t the route I wanted to go down but I wanted to give it a go. I then did an apprenticeship with the civil service. Through this I developed mental health issues and anxiety as I was not reaching my full potential and was deeply unstimulated. From dealing with these challenges I had therapy and developed different coping methods and used this to fuel my future and what I wanted from life.

From here I decided to do a Princes Trust Business Start-up program and upon completing this I went on to start my event photography business. Me being me, I didn’t just want to do normal event photography I had the idea of shooting and printing photos on site. To do this I needed a special professional portable printer which was not cheap, and at the time I couldn’t afford it. I decided that I would try and reach out to different photo printing companies to see if they would sponsor a printer, this was a long shot but I really wanted to give it my best! I started searching for different photo printing companies and came across CITIZEN systems. I wrote them an email that included who I was and what I was hoping for, and was very surprised when a few days later they invited me down for a meeting. I travelled a few hours on the train to the meeting and had a lovely chat with the Business Manager, Gary. He something in me and what I wanted to do and so he agreed, to my surprise to sponsor me with a printer and in return I became an ambassador for the company. This lasted approximately 2 years with moments just like these (see image below) This video was shot at The Photography Show in 2018.


Now that I had the printer and CITIZEN’s backing I was able to build my business. I started finding and shooting at events which is what I had dreams about doing, so I was very grateful for this opportunity. During this time I worked for the BBC providing stills, as well as celebrity gala’s, pageant’s and Laura Hamilton’s Lord Roberts on the Green where we did a Christmas Grotto (As seen on ‘A place in the Sun’)

Once COVID hit there were no more events within this industry and this sadly came to an end with all of my event bookings being cancelled. My career took a different path and I needed to find another avenue to make money. I was working part time from home and as everyone else was at home due to the pandemic I worked on my new business idea – Simply Start a Biz. A service where we set up online clothing brands for budding entrepreneurs. This was a completely new service as I provided a one-stop shop where people could start their businesses affordably and it would be straightforward for them to get going as we would build it for them. This was new to the industry as we use Print on demand suppliers so that the client doesn’t have to pay massive bulk fees or stock any products. This business enabled me to use all of my creative skills and at the same time be able to turn someone else’s dream into a reality. This took off and has grown at a steady pace for 2 years. Through starting this business, myself and my partner was able to save up and purchase our first house within 6 months of starting the business in lockdown!


Being a serial biz idea creator, as I like to call myself! I am now launching a monthly subscription box service which is launching in February 2023 called Simply Start a Biz Box. The UK’s first subscription box for aspiring entrepreneurs. Through all the challenges and set-backs I have faced I have always had a fire in my belly that I want to make a change in my life, this determination has kept me going, I have improved my mindset, and started a business and I want to help others do the same. This box will be used to not only inspire future entrepreneurs to keep going (Because it is a long and sometimes challenging journey!) but it will provide them with support that not everyone has, motivation and education to enable them to actually give their idea a go! Here are a few ways the box can help..


Aspiring entrepreneur ‘I have an idea but I haven’t got the time to start’,
Simply Start a Biz Box – The box will be your monthly reminder and will hold you accountable!

Aspiring entrepreneur ‘I can’t start a business’
Simply Start a Biz Box -The box will be your motivator!

Aspiring entrepreneur ‘I don’t know where to start’
Simply Start a Biz Box – The box will be your guide!

Aspiring entrepreneur ‘I don’t have the skills for this’
Simply Start a Biz Box -The box will improve your skills and uplift you!

Aspiring entrepreneur ‘I can’t find a business partner’
Simply Start a Biz Box -The box will be by your side every step of the way!

The box will be delivered on a monthly basis and will include various products such as.

– Motivational products and tools
– Custom business and life goal setting planners and journals
– Pro tips and recommendations
– Office stationery and self care
– Business or personal development books
– Bonus: Affirmation texts sent every other day

The box will be launching in Febuary 2023 – we have a waitlist so you can be notified of when we launch.

Thank you.

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