Top 7 PHP Development Tools in 2022




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PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor is a side scripting language rooted in HTML.This is a rapidly growing side scripting language widely used that helps to build websites and web apps. The experts have built various PHP development tools to increase coding efficiency.

The major purpose of PHP is to consider a perfect IDE which creates an opportunity for PHP users to build intuitive, innovative, and feature-oriented PHP projects. Choosing the correct PHP development mechanisms is a tedious task. Let’s check More information about the top 7 PHP development tools which may make your life simpler for the project

1. PHPStorm –

This development tool is light, smooth, and quick. This has become a convenient choice among other PHP tools. This PHP IDE gels well with major frameworks like Zend Framework, Symfony, Yii, Laravel, and CakePHP. There are a few softwares that require live editing support like Drupal, Magento, and WordPress. This also looks to support frontend technology such as CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript.

Key Features –

● ​It helps in Code Refactoring

● ​Unit Testing

● ​Code Debug

● ​Code rearranger and code completion

● ​Native Zen coding support

● Supports extension with of plugins

2. Zend Studio

This is an open-source PHP framework. It has a collection of PHP packages which helps to develop application and services. Many opt for Zend studio due to the supreme speed. Writing and debugging the code is made simpler with no extra effort. It amalgamates X-ray, Xdebug, and Zend Debugger and debugs PHP scripts. The developers have a choice to use Eclipse plugins and extend Zend Studio.

Key Features –

● ​A high intelligent code editor that supports the programming.

● ​Allows independent debug and profiling.

● ​PHP apps can be deployed to private and public clouds making the process easy

● ​Leverage interoperability: Git, GitHub, CVS, and SVN

3. Netbeans

Integrated development environment for JAVA creating a clear and open source integrated growth environment for application development on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. It is the best IDE for C++ which makes templates based on projects.

Key Features –

● ​Refraction and automation indentation

● ​Highlighting of Syntax

● ​Code Folds and brackets matching.

● ​Smooth and quick coding

● ​Multiple languages and cross-platform support

● ​Simple project management


4. Code Lobster

A portable consolidated IDE majorly for PHP tools. The top user-friendly tool which helps the web developer community. The developers validate their code using an internal PHP debugger. This tool detects the current settings of the server and configures the required files, making it easier to use the free debugger.

Key Features –

●     The PHP debugger contains all the information while debugging a language

●     Helps in finding the root cause of the bug to understand the command well

●     Code highlighting

●     Easy and quick find and replace option

●     HTML code conversion

5. Sublime Text 3 –

A lightweight platform well known for its speed, useful and provides strong community support. This is only a text editor but not an IDE.        ​

Key Features –

● ​Split layouts making the workspace more effective

● ​Vintage modes provided with vi commands

● ​Loads the previous session automatically

● ​Instant project swift feature

● ​Allows changes to multiple sections at one time

● ​ It has a destruction fee mode

6. PHP debugger –

This is an extension of PHP providing the range of features to improvise the development experience. Data collectors are those who collect specific data. One can use this debugger in JavaScript and HTML.

Key Features

● ​It can inspect CSS elements, monitor a network, and check javascript.

● ​User-friendly interface

● ​Log ad debug directly without any wait

● ​Complete tracking of transactions

● ​Broad run configurations

● ​Well-documented and handles AJAX requests.

7. Eclipse

This is majorly written in Java and its primary use is to develop Java applications.Eclipse is free and very suggestable for beginners. Java 8 is the best version of Elipse. It is the best tool for PHP projects and ranks in the topmost as the best tool for PHP projects and developments. Freedom to choose from the broad range of plugins making it easier to develop and simplify the complex PHP code. This tool also allows you to address the needs of the project which makes the tool ideal for large-scale PHP shops.

Key Features –

● ​Highlights Syntax and auto-corrects the commands

● ​The FAQ document provided is easier to learn the concept well.

● ​Allows navigating code.

● ​Code formatting and code templates

● ​Third party’s solving interface

● ​Free and powerful generated IDE

● ​Groundbreaking Java IDE is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux devices.

Top best web development tools one must be aware of – These are some of the popular and widely used PHP tools for your reference

● ​TypeScript

● ​Sketch

● ​NPM

● ​Bootstrap

● ​Visual Studio Code

● ​JQuery

● ​GitHub

● ​Sublime Text

These tools will come in handy during your projects and that makes your work a cakewalk.

Hiring a PHP developer in India

The scope of PHP is rising higher on an everyday basis. Every MNC hire PHP developer in India. Experience from being a PHP developer is not an easy task.


These are the top 7 PHP development tools that can be used for web designing projects. All of these mentioned tools are open-sourced with amazing features like syntax highlighting and debugging. This makes you understand the work nature of each tool and that you can utilize them in a required area. The demand for PHP development is spiking across the world. One can consider this as their hustle area to learn and experiment with the tools.

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