Is There An App To Clean Your Android Phones?




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Yes, definitely! Advanced Phone Cleaner App can effectively clean your device and boost its speed. But to make the most of it, firstly, you need to understand why you need to clean your phone and how an android cleaner app can help you to do it?

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Android Device?

Lagging and slowing down is a big issue that most of the android users struggle with. Slow launching of the apps, unresponsiveness of the camera and slower functioning are the effects that come under the lagging issues.

According to experts, lagging issues often appear when the phone is old or possess less storage space. Even if you have an expensive high notch device with large storage, the issue may occur. Thus, it is always recommended that you use deep cleaning tweaks or install a good android cleaner app.

Using a good android phone cleaner app can help you a lot. How? Let’s read out.

How an Android Cleaner App can Help You Clean Your Device?


Starting with basics, Android devices store cache or temporary files in its internal storage to fetch data instantly when you launch an app or browse a website again. It makes the functioning of the device faster and smooth. But over time the unnecessary cache or junk files clutters the phone storage space and affects its speed and functioning. Android Phone Cleaner app helps here. It cleans the junk files and removes the cache that is making your smartphone lag. Besides this, there is a lot more that your best android cleaner app can do for you. Here is the quick review:

Advanced Phone Cleaner- Best Android Phone Cleaner App


Advanced Phone is one of the best android phone cleaner apps that is available on the Play Store. It is a one stop solution for all the android devices irrespective of the device model and features. Whether you have a high notch device or low budgeted phone, you may install this phone cleaner app and can boost your phone’s performance instantly. Here are the few features that can really make your phone look like new with its deep cleaning solutions.

Best Features of Android Phone Cleaner

● Junk File Cleaner– Clean your junk files within no minute! The app feature allows you to scan the junk files such as app cache, APK files, empty folders, temp files etc. Once scanned it deletes the junk and free up the space so that your phone could work fast and smooth.
● Speed Booster– Boost your phone in one tap! This wonderful booster kills the unwanted apps that run in the background of your phone and hinders your device’s performance. It also saves your battery from draining.
● Battery Booster– Apart from the above junk and speed related features, the app offers the option to boost your phone’s battery and extend its life.
● Game Booster– Gaming apps are found in most android devices and thus it is important that you optimize gaming apps and enjoy playing it without any obstruction. This cleaner app feature stops the unnecessary background apps which are degrading your gaming experience and gives you smoother gameplay.
● Secure Browser– With this android cleaner app, you may safeguard your browsing experience. Browse privately in this Secure Browser and at the time of exit, it will clear all the cookies and browsing history.
● Anti- Malware- Malwares are another big threat to your phone. To safeguard your phone from the phishing activities and hackers, you need to have a good Anti-Malware in your phone. The app provides you an effective and advanced Anti-Malware protection which keeps your phone safe from malicious apps and files on your device.
● Duplicate Phone Cleaner- There are times when you click a number of photos and save multiple videos that are blur or almost similar. This feature allows you to clean those media files. It scans your device and shows up the duplicate media files which are cluttering the space of your phone. You may view them and delete the files with one tap option. You may also select the files that you want to keep before proceeding to deletion.
Application Manager- Another extensive feature of the phone cleaner app is Application Manager. It allows the user to manage their apps and uninstall the ones that are unnecessary. The main advantage of the feature is that it keeps the backup of the apk files and helps you to install them when you want. It saves your time and at the same time saves your Internet data to download the desired apps again.
● File Manager- This is one of the best features of the android cleaner app that keeps your phone data sorted. Using this feature, you may manage the files stored in internal storage and microSD card. You may reclaim your space and sort or delete files as per your requirement.
● Social Media Cleaning- Using social media is fun but the number of media junk files that gets downloaded through social media apps is nothing but a big problem. This app feature cleans all such social media junk and free up the storage space for smooth functioning of smartphones.
● CPU Cooler- Heavy processes running in the background lay an excessive burden on a phone’s processor and enhances its temperature. CPU Cooler terminates these processes and reduces the temperature of CPU instantly.
● Notification Manager- This app features is perfect for managing all your app notifications without any hustle. Just use this option and do it at once.

Advance Your Phone Speed and Performance!

Apart from the above mentioned features, a phone cleaner allows you to save time, money and efforts that you otherwise put in to get a new phone or get professional assistance. So, without second thought, install the best android phone cleaner app and optimize your smartphone now! Happy Cleaning!

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