Different USB Type-C Accessories and Cables Available for iOS




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As Apple launches USB-C with its Macbook pros, now we see more and more USB-C devices. Most Smartphone companies are offering USB-C ports on mobile phones. USB-C accessories are becoming a new standard for phones and other devices. You can quickly notice exponential growth in the machines with USB-C. It is a big market and not only mobile phones. You can see various other devices as well that come with USB-C. The best part is that they can output 4k videos. It is necessary that if you’re buying such a product, then invest in authentic ones.

List of Top 10 USB-C Accessories

1. USB-C Multiport Hub


This is one-stop for many peripherals. If you have multiple devices with USB-C, go for this product. Such multiport hubs can connect up to 3 other USB type cables. It depends on the design of your hub. They offer an Ethernet port and HDMI port as well. They are best in class; you can connect them with most of the operating systems.

2. USB-C Card Reader

A card reader is also one of the essential accessories. If you are a photographer, then it is a must-have accessory for you. Card reader helps you to plug in your SD card to your computer or mobile device. The best part about this accessory is its design. It is small, like a pen and easy to carry anywhere. Some card readers offer USB-A and micro USB design as well. That will help you to connect with the older devices as well.

3. USB-C to USB-A Converter

This product will help you to connect with USB-A devices without any hassle. You can use it to connect keyboards, mice, and flash drives. Some of the converters offer a high data transfer of up to 5Gbps. There are various designs available in the online and offline market. You can even connect Apple MacBook and Google Chromebook through it.

4. USB-C to Headphone Jack Adapter

It’s time to upgrade yourself from 3.mm headphone jack to USB-C. It offers the best in class sound quality. Moreover, it suppresses the noise and helps to enhance the sound quality. Some USB-C converters have an aluminum connector and braided cord; it can help to resist wear and tear. You can buy such accessories online from any store like Paytm mall and choose the ideal Paytm Mall Offers Today, to get them at an affordable price.

5. Samsung T5 SSD

usb c

One of the best things you get with USB-C is high-speed data transfer. If you want to take advantage of speed, you need to invest in the right products. Samsung T5 SSD is one of the best in class to have. It is an external SSD. Also, it has a compatible size that allows you to carry anywhere. When it comes to speed, it offers read and write rates up to 540 MB/s.

6. USB-C Flash Drive

Flash drives are the best if you are looking for some extra storage. They can connect with any of your compatible devices. Such flash drives offer an astonishing read speed of up to 100MB/s and write speed up to 15MB/s. They are available in various capacities. You can buy storage as per your requirements. Many of the flash drive companies offer a five-year warranty on their products.

7. USB-C Power Bank

usb c

You may see a lot of devices with USB-C ports. Power banks are also one of them. You can use them for your mobile and laptop charging. They have a thin design. You can take them anywhere easily. Many of them support dash or fast charging. They are best for traveling purposes.

8. USB-C to USB Male Adapter

You can use it for data charging and charging your device. They are too small in size and quite handy to carry. They look like old designs of dongles. You can transfer data with up to 480 Mbps speed.

9. USB-C in-Ear Headphones

People who want to upgrade themselves to new technology, USB-C headphones are an example of such change. Most Smartphone companies stopped the usage of 3.5mm jack. It would be best if you invest in some authentic products. These in-ear headphones offer better noise canceling. And that makes them suitable for traveling. You can choose any of the brands of your choice. Just ensure to get an authentic product for a pleasant experience.

10. Charger for Cars

You can get a USB-C charger for your car, which will help you charge your device inside it. They offer up to 3 times more charging than typical chargers. They also have power indicators. Various brands produce such chargers. The charging speed also depends on the power factor of your charger. It would help if you also considered safety as a priority. These chargers can protect your device from overcharging or not.


usb c

We always need to change and upgrade ourselves. USB-C is one of the changes that we are adapting to. This ends the list of some vital products that you should use to save time. It will help you to offer a new experience. They enhance the performance of your device. USB-C has replaced various old standards of the tech industry.

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