Announcing BigCommerce’s Page Builder Early Access




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BigCommerce are excited to announce the first release phase of the new Page Builder tool. Starting this month, all newly created trials and stores were given access to this tool.

In the next few weeks, Page Builder will be available in “Early Access” for all BigCommerce customers.

What is Page Builder?

Page Builder provides merchants with an easy drag-and-drop experience to create and manage page content using text, images, videos, banners, carousels, and product lists. BigCommerce featured this tool in past Town Halls, and you can check out a preview below.


Page Builder helps merchants get their stores up and running faster, no coding required. It allows merchants to engage and attract more shoppers with fresh content that they can easily modify at any time. Page Builder has consistently been a top requested feature, and we are excited to begin this roll-out process.

What does this mean for your site?


All new trials driven from your site now have access to Page Builder. As a top requested BigCommerce feature, they are are confident that Page Builder will be a game-changer for both you and your customers!

What’s next for Page Builder?bigocmmerce

As mentioned previously, BigCommerce are releasing Page Builder in phases. The first phase is focused on new trials and new stores. BigCommerce are using this gradual, phased release approach to ensure the smoothest possible roll-out. This schedule will allow our team to track usage and performance, gather feedback, and fix potential bugs along the way. As BigCommerce monitor Page Builder in new and trial stores, they will continue to improve, evolve, and iterate leading up to the broader Early Access release in May.

Check out BigCommerce, the easiest way to make and launch an ecommerce business nowadays!

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