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Cats are fine companions for humans. You can cuddle with them, play or watch them sleep wonderfully. What you have to take into account is that cats do not do their needs the same as for dogs, which keep it neat until we walk them. A good litter box is therefore indispensable if you have a cat at home. We are happy to help you find the perfect model. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about cat litter boxes and the corresponding answers.

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Is having a litter box important for cats?

One of the most striking aspects of cats’ personalities is that they are very clean animals. Although it is also said that cats are very independent, while many cats are always attached to their owners. But really, cats don’t even need you to wash them with water because they can clean themselves.

And because they love beauty so much, a litter box for a cat is very important. There they can quietly do their needs. In fact, it is not common for a cat to do this in a different place.

Bosses are therefore required to keep the litter box clean so that the cat feels comfortable.

How often should you change the cat litter?

We recommend that you remove the cat feces daily, but the frequency of the actual change of the filling depends on the type of filling chosen. If this is an absorbent or non-agglomerating strain, it is sufficient to change it once a week. If the smell is already very strong within a week, we recommend that you do this earlier.

The filling labeled as binding can last up to a month, although it is recommended to always use some new, clean and dry filling when picking up feces and the wettest areas. The vegetable filling needs to be renewed much more often. Every 3 days is a good indicator or, at the longest, 5.

When cleaning, is it enough to only replace the cat litter?

Not normally. Every time you change the filling, it is recommended to clean the entire bowl and apply a disinfectant that is not harmful to the cat. An additional tip in this area is to place a thin layer of baking soda (baking soda) under the filling, which helps pick up the stool smells.

There are those who recommend using gloves when cleaning a litter box. This can be useful, although another option is to wash your hands well after cleaning. Finally, we would like to remind you that it is nice for a cat, but also for the owner if you regularly remove the wettest parts of the filling between cleaning sessions.

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How do I assemble a litter box for the first time?

If you have just bought or adopted a cat and you want to install a new litter box, we recommend that you choose a quiet corner and a ventilated place, as no matter how hard you try, there will always be odors from the box. Maybe you can put the box in the hallway? Choose a place that is always accessible to the cat and far from their food, for hygiene and comfort of the cat.

Regarding the amount of filling required, it is recommended to fill the box more than enough so that the cat can bury its feces without any problems. This is something cats love to do. Normally they are intuitive and know how to use their litter box. If not, you can always shovel through the clean gravel to show them where they can do their needs.

How do I prevent bad odors?

In addition to being able to include a small layer of baking soda that helps reduce the strong odor of the cat’s urine, if your cat accepts this, it is better to use an indoor litter box. Some filters are specially designed to reduce the smell. You can also choose perfumed filling, but beware, the perfume can sometimes smell very strong.

The most important thing is to keep the litter box clean at all times, for the well-being of your pet. If you plan to go out for a few days, we recommend that you give your house keys to someone you trust so they can keep the litter box clean. There are also self-cleaning litter boxes. These are very modern models, which often also have a high price.

What should I do if my cat does not use the litter box?

If the cat is small, check that the box is not too high and that the animal can get in properly. If the size of the litter box isn’t the problem, as soon as you see the cat peeing or defecating outside the box, take it in your hand and put it on the box. In this way, the cat will understand that this is the place to do its needs. After all, cats are intelligent animals.

If the cat is older and still urinates outside the box, the animal may have a problem. This could be a problem with his health, for example, not being able to hold the urine, or it could be related to the litter box not being satisfied for some reason. It may be that the box is not clean enough, that it is in a place that is not convenient for the cat, or that the animal does not like the filling, because it is for example too strongly perfumed.

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Why does my cat mark the house with urine?

Another reason cats urinate outside the litter box is to mark the territory. Fortunately, this is not very common, but it can happen. All cats, male or female, spayed or not, can do this. Sometimes cats even pee in their own sleeping place or in the clothes of the owner. This can be very annoying.

This usually happens when there are novelties that the cat does not accept, such as a new home, a new member of the family, or newcomers to the home. In addition to all this, urinating outside the bin can also be caused by a medical problem. If your cat is urinating outside the box and you don’t know why, we recommend that you take it to the vet.

The bottom line is that the house belongs to the cat, and that we only have to pay the mortgage.

What precautions should I take with a litter box?

There are a number of things to keep in mind when using a litter box. It is important to know that pregnant women should avoid getting near litter boxes because they are at risk of toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that is transmitted through the feces of cats.

Also, if you have a dog, we recommend that you choose a covered litter box, as some dogs will otherwise eat the cat’s feces.

It is further better not to place the litter box near the cat’s food for their comfort. Of course, we would not place the tray in our kitchen. Even when the container is closed, unpleasant odors can escape, which you do not want to smell when you are cooking or eating. Finally, avoid bothering the cat when it needs it and change the box once a year.

What should I do with the litter box when I am on vacation?

Cats don’t like to move around often. Unlike dogs, they are more independent and give us more free time, but it is also more difficult to take them with us when we leave. Therefore, when we go on vacation, it is easier to give our house key to a trusted friend to clean the litter box and feed the cat.

Another option is to take the animal with you on holiday. Whether this is feasible depends very much on the character of the animal. What can help is that there are litter boxes specifically designed for travel. For example, some foldable models are made of waterproof material and cardboard models that can be used for a few days before being thrown away.

What should you pay attention to with your purchase?

When choosing a litter box, we should consider not only our own needs but perhaps our cat friends’ needs even more. Cats are animals of habits, we have to respect that. It is important to choose a litter box that suits you and your pet. Below we present the main purchase criteria for finding the perfect litter box:

▪ Type: Covered or open?
▪ Format
▪ Form and colors
▪ Accessories

Type: Covered or open?

Since covered litter boxes hide annoying odors better, they are the most commonly sold. Open litter boxes are cheaper, however. In addition, open boxes are more comfortable for some cats because they like to have control over what is going on around them. Curious cats can keep an eye on everything from an open box.

For many cats, however, a covered box is more suitable because the cover can provide a sense of security and peace of mind. An additional advantage of a covered litter box is that it is more difficult for the cat to make the soil around it dirty. In general, the preference for the type of litter box depends strongly on the character of the cat.


The litter box should always fit the size of the pet, or even be a bit bigger if you have more than one cat. Sometimes animals want to imitate each other and do their needs at the same time. Some say that a large litter box for 2 cats is sufficient, although other experts say it is better to have one for each cat.

Cats love to dig and have a habit of turning a lot, so the bigger the litter box the better. Either way, if you have a moderately sized home, this can be tricky.

In any case, it is always best to focus on the size of the animal when making the decision. Especially if you decide to buy a covered litter box.

Form and colors

The most common litter boxes are rectangular. But the fact that the majority of the market looks like this doesn’t mean you can’t innovate and try new ways. For example, a triangular box can fit well in certain areas of your home that may be more convenient for the cat. And a circle shape can be more beautiful.

There are also litter boxes that look like other, more beautiful objects so as not to disturb the decoration of your home too much. For example, there are litter boxes that resemble flower pots. As for the colors, this is an issue that worries the owner more than the animal itself. Many different options are possible, it is best to choose a container that matches the colors of the rest of your interior.


In addition to the box itself where the cat can do its needs, other utensils can be used in addition to litter boxes. Almost all of them are related to keeping the bin and the surrounding area clean. Below you will find an overview of the different accessories and their use:


How to use


Serves to clean up feces. Something recommended doing every day. It can also help to completely clean the litter box.


It can be placed under the litter box to prevent it from shifting. Or right next to it, so that the animal can clean its paws and does not dirty the rest of the house.

Deodorizers for the soil

Neutralizes unpleasant odors. Many models can extend the life of the soil.

Hygienic bags

Are placed in the box. It is better if they are resistant because they avoid the build-up of urine and fight bad odors. They facilitate and accelerate the cleaning of the litter box and extend its use.


Are placed in the box. To clean the bin, you just need to lift the grate and collect both the feces and lumps with urine. You can easily remove the grid from the box and put it back just as easily.



A litter box is indispensable if you have a cat, although they may not always look good. When choosing a litter box, it is useful to take into account the personality of your cat and at the same time the style of our house and our own comfort, because the scents that emit a litter box can be very annoying.

Since cats are very popular pets, the supply of different types of litter boxes is increasing. The different models have in common that they focus on the well-being of both the cat and their owners. There is a wide selection of litter boxes to choose from, including different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. What are you waiting for? Read our guide and choose the litter box that suits you and your cat friend perfectly!

Did you find our guide to litter boxes interesting? Leave a comment below or share it with your friends and family on social media, so that they also know which litter box suits them best!

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