7 Best Festivals Gifts Ideas




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As festivals are around the corner we have to prepare gifts for our loved ones and friends. Unfortunately, coming up with a simple yet special idea can be time-consuming. The time crunch has made it worse. We are only left with minimal options. In the midst of COVID gifting something to our loved ones can be risky. Therefore, we need to be extra careful while giving them gifts. Preparing gifts by ourselves is the best option in the current scenario.

So, we have made this list of gifts that won’t take much time and will surely blow the minds of your loved ones. These gifts are for people of all age groups. Let’s get started:

Chocolate Board:

Pick up cardboard and cut in a rectangular shape. Decorate it with glitters and ribbons. Fill the box with the mint chocolate Candy. This is a perfect gift for any millennial as mint chocon is a revolutionary candy that has mint and chocolate in it.

birthday cake

Candies Gift Set:

Candies gift sets are apt gifts for any kid. Since kids love to eat toffees, candies, jellies, and lollipops giving them a full range of it will make them immensely happy. Not only this their happiness will be limitless when they will see there are so many different flavors in jellies and lollipops are filled with chocolate.

Food Recipes:


Many of us like to explore and evolve. We love to make something extraordinary. Something that our taste buds will be attracted to. So, give them awesome cooking recipes that they can try with the candies and toffees. One of the many recipes will be cupcakes or muffins. One can either top them with jellies or eclairs. Even candy ice-cream tastes yummy. All one needs to do is to have favorite candies and an ice-cream flavor. Now, place jellies either on the top of the ice-cream or mix it gently.

Gift mithai in an Attractive Packing:

In COVID 19 the idea of gifting mithai can be troublesome. But what if we can give our childhood favorite mithai to our childhood friends which now comes in a decent packing. Milk n Nut is the same nariyal ki barfi we used to eat as kids. We can take a mason jar or get a cute pouch for packing. Tying a knot with ribbon will enhance its beauty further.

DIY Candy Jar:

All you need to make a DIY Candy jar is creativity, a jar, and some best toffee for birthday in India. Just make sure you have all the favorite toffees of your loved ones. Gift this personalized gift to your loved ones with a lot of love and good wishes.

Attractive utensils with toffees, candies, jellies, and lollipops:

Often people who love to eat toffees, candies, jellies, and lollipops have a liking for attractive utensils also. Attractive glass bowls with some chocolates, candies in it will surely make a good gift.

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best gifts one can give to their loved ones. These gifts might be old-fashioned but will surely be liked by your loved ones. All you need to do is to give them a pure heart and a big big smile. Gifting these old school toffees, candies, lollipops, and jellies will also tell your loved ones that even after so many years you remember their favorite candies. This way the memories attached with them also make a way.


Having said all of the above now let’s look into what all sources we will need to prepare these breathtaking gifts.

The first thing we will need is the ribbon and the craft toolbox. Some shiny silk cloth material will be of high use. Also, don’t forget to have a pair of scissors and some needles threads to stitch.

The second important thing is you need to have a good stock of the best eclairs toffee brand in India. The best way to please anyone is by giving them eclairs. As many eclairs we give them as much they will be happy. Mostly people of age groups love to eat chocolates. So, try to stock eclairs, mil n nuts, mint chocon, jellies, lollipops one month before the actual date. Getting them at the same time will be problematic.

The third thing you need to have is mason jars, coffee mugs, glass bowls, or any holder or container. Try to pick decent colors so that candies, jellies, and lollipops look good in them.

The fourth is not mandatory though but surely will add a lot of value to the gift. Pick some colorful pastel color chart papers or fabric sheets and write a message to each one of your friends. It will add a lot of personal value to the gift.

When we gather all these things we are ready to finally execute the gift. You can google on how to make attractive gifts. Set a theme, pattern, for your gifts. Don’t forget to give chits in the gifts. Since we are in lockdown a good option will be to send them through the post.

In the end, make your loved ones feel special. Video Call them and express your love to them. Talk to them about how they are surviving in this difficult time. How gifts can add colors in their mundane life. Discuss with them how they will explore the galaxy of tastes that you have sent them. It is highly important to bring ourselves to a level to do that. All of us need to make us happy so giving a bundle of joy to us will be a great way of doing it.

Also, try to donate toffees, candies, or lollipops to the kids in the neighborhood. These kids remain unnoticed throughout the year. As a responsible citizen and a good human, we need to give a bright smile to each one of them. Who knows they need these bundles of joys more than any of our loved ones or us.

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