Do We Actually Need Carbohydrates?




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Today we talking about do we need carbohydrates?
So now there’s going to be a lot of different. Viewpoints that people are going to talk about, I’m just going to give my two cents. I don’t want to get in an argument with anyone but let me give you some basics on what I think is very workable but whatever works for you go ahead and go for it, so people think they need carbohydrates mainly for energy but.

You can run your body on other types of calories, you can run your body on the protein, you can run your body on fat and so you don’t always have to run your body on carbohydrates.

So there’s a myth that you have like all the energy you have in your body comes from a carbohydrate, not necessarily true. So let me just kind of explain so you’ve got simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates are like sugar, honey, agave and nectar.

What happens is that goes in your body fast, and it spikes the sugar it might give you some temporary energy, but then you’re going to come down because you have the hormone called insulin that regulates that.

But then complex carbohydrates have a lot of new things like fibre that slow the breakdown and the carbohydrate in the body, and it doesn’t create that same effect as table sugar.


So here’s the thing though let’s just kind of break down each type of carbohydrate.

Some of this actual contract contains proteins amino acids. Still, mainly it’s a carbohydrate we need more vegetables not initially for the carbohydrate but mainly for the vitamins and the minerals that’s really why we need those because that’s where most of the vitamins and minerals come from.

It also has fibres, but what fibre does it’s not necessarily something like a bulking agent. It’s mainly to feed the microbes the intestinal flora your good bacteria live on microbes. They need fibre, and you don’t have to get your fibre from brand or grains you can get it from the vegetable family.

So that’s why we need vegetables in large quantities too.


Now the thing about seeds is, it doesn’t turn into as fast as other types of carbohydrates.
However, if you have a slow metabolism and if you’re trying to lose weight, I have found that people have a hard time doing this on beans because it’s a lot of carbs.

If it works for you, try it if you have a slow metabolism you might not want to consume very many beans, a lot of people have gas with beans as well so that’s my viewpoint on that.


Fruits are high, but the problem is that it can range from a high glycemic index to a low glycemic index, if you have like berries and things that are a little lower than the apple.

Apples have like 19 to 30 grams of sugar per Apple.
That’s like a lot of sugar.


So the thing about fruits is this on some people it’s going to slow them down to lose weight, they’re not going to be able to weight as fast now. You’re going to have exceptions to the rule with people with a faster metabolism. Still, I’m dealing with main women in their 50s who are having a hard time, and I get the fruit out of the diet and boom everything starts going down a lot easier.

So again you’re going to have exceptions but typically fruit it’s just too sweet it’s too much carbohydrate.

There are viewpoints out there that you see people that do a fruit diet and they lose all this weight well probably because they cut out all of the sugar okay that’s in the menu as well, and their metabolism might be a little bit faster, but I’m just talking about if you take someone that’s been dieting for many years and you keep them on fruit it’s going to slow them down.

Dr.berg use to recommend fruit, I don’t recommend fruit if you’re trying to lose weight okay there is some vitamins and fruit maybe a little bit of berry but not much.


You have like whole wheat bread and white bread the whole thing. Here’s the thing it’s a very similar sore glycemic index, so it does turn into sugar fairly fast, and Dr.berg don’t recommend grains for two reasons.


Number one, there is not a lot of nutrition in grains, some people disagree but look it up it’s not that high if you compare to vegetables.

The other thing is it’s hard in the digestive system because it has glue ten gluten is the protein in grains and gluten creates all sorts of silly AK problems in irritable bowel syndrome and irritation to the colon. It’s one of those things that you have to try it yourself and see.

If you feel better, not consuming it.

Dr.berg found that when you consume grains you people go out of bloating and you just have to know yourself and just try it out the other thing is starches, so there are diet alte that recommend tons of starches and some people lose weight some people don’t well here’s the point.

I don’t want to get into a whole debate on starches I want you to go ahead and try it for yourself eat starches for a week and see if you lose weight.

And if you do great on my experience is that you probably are not going to lose weight because these starches turn in sugar pretty down fast.

It’s not the highest sources of vitamins compared to vegetables, so I like to stay away from these right here.

Do We Actually Need Carbohydrates

If you’re trying to gain weight I think potatoes are the best food that you can consume, maybe wild rice if you’re a high-level athlete doing marathons okay then you might you have a high metabolism you’re going to need some brown rice may be a potato. Still, for the average person their kid, they can’t get away with it.

In summary, do we need carbohydrates well we do need carbs for our vitamins and minerals and fibre.

If you want to change your daily routine and try making a good recipe rich in carbohydrates, I advise you to make senorita bread.

Delicious and good but you know…Try not to overdo it.

Thanks for reading!

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