The Best Android Apps for Students




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The applications were introduced a few years ago when they had just launched smartphones in the mobile phone company. The applications are in soft form and can be installed on smartphones, tablets and even PC. All kinds of applications: such as music application, calculation application, writing and reading application, application of games and communication, application of social networks and educational applications, etc. Android applications have not received the necessary consideration. This does not happen with iOS applications are excellent and practical, however, Android customers also address incredible applications, and many of them.

Android applications for Students have made life easier

As an ICT use educator I want you to know  The old high school has been very different from the current one. When you were younger, you may have had the help of your mother and father to get up early in the day, reveal where you should be when, check to make sure you finished your work and allow you tospend your money on the plan. Today everything depends on you. Fortunately, there are applications that allow you to compose. You can get permission to influence a calendar and financial plan, take better grades, organize an important task and stay safe.

How applications are useful for students

The best applications for students are those that can improve your life and make your school opportunity more enjoyable. Your cell phone could finish one of your most used school supplies. All in all, there are applications that can allow you to meet most expiration dates, more skillfully examine, stay associated with the general population that matters most, and monitor almost any part of your school’s understanding.


Numerous school applications are free or moderate, which is incredible news for an alternate financial plan. When considering what applications to add to your cell phone, check initially if your school or college has its own particular application. Depending on the capabilities of your school’s application, you may have the ability to access schedules, courses, occasions and other imperative data that keep you more associated with your motives or online program.

Let’s analyze some of the best android applications for high school students that will help them in all kinds of educational matters. According to these are the best Android apps for students used today

1. Studios


With Studios, overlooking assignments will be a relic of times gone by. This basic Android app reminds you when tests will be done and when assignments are expected. To configure this, you must simply import your class areas.

2. SlideShare


Instead of creating or transferring new records, SlideShare revolves around surveys, sharing and setting aside disconnected access. With SlideShare, you can view the presentations whether you are driving, in class or at the exercise center.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive

In case you are an Android client, you may definitely understand what Google Drive is, it is the distributed storage for each of your documents, photographs and almost any other document. Having an application on your phone or tablet gives you the opportunity to access your things anywhere; the application itself is associated with many others for remote access and reinforcement. Try not to lose hours of work on a task because of a PC problem, do not lose the registration you need until the kingdom comes.

Do not know how to use it? Well, here we have an online course so you can learn more about Google Drive.

4. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Microsoft has made it completely simple to get your Office files on any device. The free portable applications of Microsoft Office incorporate Outlook, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word. You can store your records in the cloud and reliably have the most fashionable form with you. Regardless of whether you created a file with a variant of the Office workspace; the versatile view will adjust it to your screen. The joint effort is simple and simply sends a connection via email. There are additional highlights accessible to people who have a free Office 365 membership for study students, by coincidence, for example, embedding Word Art or reviewing their PowerPoint speaker notes while viewing it.


Although there are many applications out there. Here at we consider these the best Android applications for students. After reading the entire article; You can get an idea of ​​the importance of the application and, most importantly, how to use it. If you are interested in taking an Online Courses with these applications, check our available courses.

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