Electric Shaving: The Ultimate Guide




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Modern razors are unit designed to supply a cushy, effortless and sleek shaving expertise where as minimizing the drawbacks of ancient wet shaving. Its portability, uncomplicated operation, and minimal grooming and maintenance are just some of the things that keep pushing more men to shave.

Unlike ancient wet shaving, wherever exposed blade is employed to cut hair below skin level, electrical razors use knives that swing or rotate behind a protecting perforated screen.

Almost all modern electric razors offer cordless operation and many of them can be used for both wet and dry shaving. It is also common for the most advanced razors to be offered with a cleaning and charging base that uses a detergent or alcohol-based solution to clean and disinfect the razor after each use.

Not like conventional wet shaving where is used blade is reused to shave the hairs below the skin level. The electric razors have the cutter which rotate behind the protective screen.

Advantages of electric razors:


As with everything in life, not everything is perfect and electric razors are no exception. But first, let’s see what the main advantages of switching to best electric shaving are

1. Comfort:

This is, in my opinion, the most compelling reason to use an electric razor. By preventing the blades from actually coming into contact with the skin, the risk of nicks, cuts, irritation and razor burns is minimized. It’s easy to examine why men with sensitive or blemished skin can profit theforemost from exploitation an electric razor.

2. Convenience.

They are fast, easy to use and practical. Traditional wet shaving involves careful preparation: soaking the brush, lathering, washing your face with warm water, and lathering yourself. Then there is the shave itself, with many short strokes, constantly rinsing the razor, go first with the grain, second and an optional third against the grain. Then there is the washing and cleaning of your brush, bowl, razor, and blade. All of those steps take an extended time.

With electric shaving, simply grab your razor, shave it, and toss it into the cleaning station so it’s fully charged and sanitized for your next shave. Of course, there are a few preparations I highly recommend and we’ll cover in detail later, but the time required to do them is greatly reduced.

3. Electric razors can shave very closely.

With the right razor for your beard type and a few simple adjustments, you can shave closely. Trendy electric razors have created spectacular progress in terms of proximity whereas providing glorious comfort.

4. Electric razors are inexpensive.

In addition to a high initial investment, an electric shaver can last for several years if properly maintained and can solely need new components once every 12 to 18 months. Compared to traditional wet shaving, especially when using multiple blade cartridges, electric shaving is more cost-effective.

5. Electric razors have a less steep learning curve.

Again, compared to a double edge or even a razor. Mastering the foam, pressure, grip, and angle takes some time to get used to; On the other hand, using an electric razor for the first time is generally much simpler and takes less time to improve your technique. Electric razors are also more forgiving because the blades don’t really touch the skin.

But not everything is beautiful and elegant. Therefore, I will do my best to present all the negatives of electric razors impartially and objectively as well.

Disadvantages of electric razors:


1. Electric razors don’t shave as close as a razor.

Some manage to get very close, but the perforated blade that prevents the blades from touching the skin also acts as a physical barrier that limits the proximity of the shave. Various workarounds, such as using a double set of blades in which the first one lifts the hair to cut it below skin level, only work to a limited extent.

By choosing an electric razor over a conventional razor, you also agree to change some of the proximity for the added benefit of convenience and practicality. And it is not a foul deal in my opinion.

2. An electric shaver involves a high initial investment.

While there are a number of affordable and capable electric razors, some of the more advanced ones can cost more than $ 300. Spare parts and optional cleaning cartridges can also increase operating costs.

3. It takes time for your skin to adjust to the new shaving method.

The first few weeks of using an electric razor can be far from a pleasant experience. Even if your technique is successful, things can (and probably won’t) be as smooth as expected.

Some irritations and discomforts during and after shaving are common for a person who switches to electric shaving. And sadly, the square measure cases once men merely quite shaving because of the primary shaves. And it’s really a shame because the vast majority will notice significant improvement after a few weeks.

4. Marketing tips.

All of the great sound technologies like pulses, hair density sensors, and different speed settings are often just marketing gimmicks with little or no real effect. Having used and reviewed quite a few best shaver of different price categories, I can honestly say that the things that matter the most and that really make the difference in terms of shaving performance square measure o the ability and also the quality of the blades and the assembly of the lock.

The last word:

If you have got to read this so much, let me thank you for taking the time to read this rather drawn-out electric shaving guide.

If I had to sum it all up in one tip, it would be something like this: ignore the media battle, choose what suits you best, and get the basics. These are, IMHO, the key aspects to enhancing your shaving experience with an electric shaver.

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