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May The Bath Be With You!

CelebriDucks, the world’s leading manufacturer of celebrity rubber ducks announced that their Mister Squawk and Spa Wars Rubber Ducks are now some of the top selling Sci-fi rubber ducks worldwide.

Floating Down from Above | New Christmas Decorations

Here, The Shop Floor Project will talk you through the newest Christmas Decorations for 2020!

4MURS Launches New Wallpaper-Collection Arty Life

As if mirroring a life filled with escapism, far from the hurly-burly of crowds, the collection Arty Life by 4MURS feeds the need for a revitalising oasis where ife is good.

Thoughtful Christmas : Artisan Made Ethical Gifts

Partnering with artisans of West Africa Lola & Mawu prepared for you a selection of beautifully designed, thoughtful and sustainable presents.

Local Artist Launches New Collection of Prints and Cards in Her LIPS Series

Namoh's LIPS collection is an exploration of the true essence of a woman, by looking at the women who have influenced the life of the artist.

Top 5 Warning Signs Your Business May Be On The Brink Of Collapse

The following are the five biggest warning signs that your company may on the verge of collapse and a complete shutdown and how to get your business on track again.

The Curated Living Idea

After many chats around the kitchen table, the Curated Living Idea was formed.

A Fine Ceramic Collection by Elena Salmistraro

To explore the relationship between different mediums of the visual arts and expressive languages in order to fascinate people and evoke their emotions.

Catherine Rowe Launches A Florida-kitsch Inspired Collection

Kitsch is having something of a moment and designer Catherine Rowe has brought a playful, positive vibe to the trend with two colourful collections of hand-painted home accessories and wallpapers