Post Covid, Precautions that actually matters for workspace




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Coronavirus, which is also known as COVID-19, is spreading rapidly across the globe and throughout India. It winds down and communities have to emerge from quarantine and work from home, it’s very obvious that workers fear about the hygiene and safety factor of the workplace. Now, as these businesses contemplate resuming operations in the general office setting, they have to look upon all the safety measures so that employees feel safe and concentrate on their work.

The road to workplace re-entry may have its challenges- from following social distancing in spaces designed to maximize available square footage and making personal protective equipment easily accessible. But this whole situation has given us an opportunity to rewrite our old rules and help define “ the next normal”

In this blog, you will find the list of best practices to consider in order to maintain a safe workplace at coworking space in Bangalore and to give security to your employees that management is monitoring and responding to the situation appropriately.

Re-entry strategies

The most important matters of business are to build up how and when individuals should start to re-visit the workspace, and how to structure that space. Are there reentry triggers and necessities to continue in your locale or industry? What number of shifts may you have to schedule, in view of organization headcounts and space limit?

You may likewise need to reconfigure workplaces. Occupancy information and space usage programming can help you proficiently assess new floor plans, furniture setups, and other spatial separating techniques.

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Obviously, a working environment isn’t simply comprised of its workplaces and workstations. Build up a plan to turn away blockage in common areas like entryways, lift  and cafe. Furthermore, consider where new safety measures may occur, for example, workers’ temperature checks or guest screenings.

Regardless of what steps you take, be certain to back them up with clear communication and permeability of danger alleviation endeavors. Welcome back units and experienced representatives can assist you with reinforcing work environment culture and rally upholds for all the significant changes and cycles you execute.

Eventually, it will adopt an all-encompassing strategy to create sheltered and gainful workspaces through and past COVID-19. In what manner will the new working environment need to influence a bigger portfolio and working objectives? What may you gain from a structured review of your specialized frameworks’ availability? How precisely will you have to venture up standard cleaning measures?

By working cooperatively with different capacities, you can start to answer those and other significant inquiries.

Appoint Emergency Management Team

Unlike climate-related emergencies, which frequently grant organizations to participate in some degree of advance preparation, the COVID has the ability to disturb business activities too without any prior warning. Businesses should be set up to act rapidly if the Covid enters their particular work environment. Accordingly, management ought to designate the main issue of contact and cross-utilitarian Emergency Management Team (“EMT”) to address all issues emerging from the Covid episode in the working environment, including representative wellbeing and security; interior and outer informing; medical and sick leaves; compensation; short-term disability; the intelligent cycle and likely facilities under the ADA; classification and privacy protection; innovation uphold; and legitimate consistence. Where feasible, the EMT probably ought to incorporate, at least, delegates of the HR, correspondences, IT, and legal department.

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It is important that the EMT be given adequate power (or admittance to power) to act deftly and decisively even with rapidly changing data and conditions while having the adaptability to make modifications over the long haul and business needs may require.

Notwithstanding operational planning and crisis readiness, the EMT ought to be entrusted with duty regarding monitoring the news and key sites on a daily basis for reliable information in this profoundly serious circumstance.

Entrance/Reception Area

Look at the entrance to the workplace, including how access is picked up, regardless to reduce seats in the reception area and whether to make different changes (for example to ensure the safety of receptionist) to the meeting room; set up conventions; figure out what signage is required; build up a framework for determining when individuals enter and left the workplace (for example a log); if visitors are permitted, consider expecting visitors to show up at a particular time/call before showing up; decide how regularly to clean and keep up the regions during the workday; entry should be quick and also discourage; consider giving gear upon access to the individuals who don’t have it (for example mask/face covers); have disinfectant hand liquid accessible.

Kitchen and cafeteria

Decide if to permit admittance to the kitchen/cafeteria, and if access is allowed, how to limit access so that there is physical distancing; set up conventions; decide if to give disposable supplies, for example, espresso cups, drink cups, plastic flatware and paper dishes; consider changing things, for example, giving automatic cleanser distributors; consider giving gloves if proper; decide if to permit seating in the kitchen/cafeteria, and whenever allowed, how to limit seats so that there is physical distancing, including eliminating seats as fitting to encourage physical distancing; think about utilizing an orderly to screen consistence with rules and to help varying; decide how often to clean and keep up the zones during the workday; if the cafeteria is shut, consider giving box snacks; learn whether to and if so how to give water, espresso, snacks, and so on to decrease individuals utilizing espresso pots, drinking fountains, and so on.; if candy machines, espresso pots, or the like are to be utilized, consider giving disinfectant materials or sterilizing wipes; don’t give public food and if food is given, ensure the packaging is individualized; don’t utilize ice machines that include a handheld scoop; place suitable signage in an obvious area, including reminding individuals to rehearse cleanliness estimates, for example, handwashing.


The coronavirus continues to expand globally and rapidly, with new developments we have to accept these challenges and need to move on. It is giving us an opportunity to revitalize our workplace and help to shape the coworking spaces for the upcoming generation. Let’s face this challenge and opportunity with safety and innovation. At co-working spaces in Mumbai, we have separate meeting rooms with all the necessary facilities for complete privacy.

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