Facebook Advertising Alternatives for Small Business




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When companies become monolithic the user experience often becomes ruined.

Take Facebook for example.

Once you could post a message or offer on your page and all of your friends and fans would see it. Incidentally, these were fans that you spent months or years gathering!

Then POOF!

Just like that Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, decided that you should have access to them after all of your hard work gathering them.

Imagine that.

Well, you don’t need to imagine because Facebook did it.

The global pandemic made matters worst.

Everyone started flocking to Facebook to place ads and, of course, their rates got even more expensive.

You Are The Product

Many folks still don’t seem to get that on Facebook you are the product!

Facebook is leveraging your content, your life’s memories, to sell ads.

There are several other problems with advertising on Facebook.

1) Unless you are paying Facebook for ads, no one sees your content!

2) Over-reporting the video plays (a recent discovery).

3) You need a significant budget to get your ad to convert. (Thousands of dollars are required to make anything significant happen).

4) Only logged-in users can see your ad.

5) It is a social network, not an advertising network.

Wouldn’t it be great to use an advertising platform that paid you for placing ads?

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