9 Best Remote Teaching Tips for Parents




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Due to the rapid increase in coronavirus cases, the Education Ministry urged all the educational groups to continue with the virtual mode of classes until further notifications. Remote learning or online learning has made it difficult for parents, teachers, and kids. Especially the young parents who are working are finding it difficult as they can’t give much time to their kids. At the time higher class students are missing their friends and face to face teaching.  So, in this blog, we have brought up some tips and tricks to cover. Let’s get started:

Make And Follow A Schedule:

Planning the day in advance is always a good idea. This way kids will know what to do throughout the day. As parents, it is our responsibility to help our children the best way possible. We can keep the study time table close to the school one. This way kids will also be disciplined. However, we can change the time table as per our requirements. The top schools in Faridabad have already shared a time table with their students in the same interest.

Proper Arrangement of Tools and A Good Network:

Try to have a study table at home with a pen holder. Students get pissed off when they don’t find their pencils, erasers, etc at the correct time. So, get a hold of it and all the books and notebooks before the class starts. It is also very important to have a good internet connection. Since classes are online nowadays one should have a good internet connection.

Give A Proper Conducive Environment For Better Learning:

It is important to give students the right environment so that they can learn and grow. But leaving kids on their own is not a good practice. So, we need to find a proper balance between both of them. It is really important to keep an eye on kids. The best way to do this is by talking with our children regularly.  CBSE schools in Faridabad are nowadays giving team projects and assignments to their kids to improve the team building in them.

Remote Teaching Education

Build A Team-Building Spirit With Children:

Online learning can be pretty boring at times. Now students might be missing the normal class structure so instead of dictating them what to do and what not to do. A better idea will be to work with them. This will improve the team-building spirit in the kid. They will be able to get good grades. Focus on better understanding rather than just finishing assignments.

Teach Them To Complete Their Daily Tasks Themselves:

As parents, we should only guide our children but it should be their responsibility entirely to manage the work. They should know the outcomes of uncompleted tasks. The values of punctuality should be inculcated in them from a very young age.

Try To Build A Mutual Understanding With Your Kid:

As parents, we should be the best friends of our kid. We should understand them instead of passing painful comments to them. We should try to build an understanding of them. They should know where to come if they feel they are trapped in some serious problems. Top rated school in Faridabad had also conducted a series of webinars on the same topic.

Help Kids to Improve their Skill Set:

In this advanced world where competition is increasing with every passing second, it is really important to have more than one skill set. Parents should tell their kids how they can improve their skill set. Some of the simple ways to do it are by reading regularly, doing some sort of physical activity, picking up the passion, and then working upon it to make it sharper.

Remote Teaching Education

Learning and Teaching is a Complex Process:

We as parents want our kids to know everything before time. But what we fail miserably is that learning is a complex thing. All kids are not the same. They are not gifted with the same mindsets. We should never compare our kid with other kids of his or her age groups. Rather we should encourage them to take up their interests, We should be all-time cheerleaders for our kids.

Teach them the Power and Purpose of Motivation:

Motivation is extremely powerful. It will be great if they can find their motivation on their own. Children should understand the dynamic concept of life themselves. Learning and unlearning life is a long term thing. Life is problematic and no one can figure it out completely. So, help and guide them on this process.

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